Our Facilities

Our main and very first clinic in Trinoma, occupying 95 square meters, covers three areas – dermatology, dental and medical spa, designed to provide state-of–the art facilities and services for patients and their family members. When entering our facility, we make sure the neatness and tranquility of environment to offer extreme relaxation and comfort. Our reception area gives a relaxing and comfortable feel for our patients while waiting.

Our dental area has three (3) dental chairs, X-ray room and consultation room, while our skin care unit has four (4) derma beds, ready to handle every specialized surgical procedure relating to treatment of need. We provide great emphasis to ensure antiseptic conditions, with the latest sterilizing machines for our surgical instruments. The most stringent sanitary requirements are always being implemented for the prevention and avoidance of infections, which could create complications.

DentaDerm also offers spa treatments and beauty revitalizing services.  Our private and massage rooms have two (2) beds and shower room.