Who We Are

The humble beginnings of DentaDerm started in 1998 from Ambray Dental Group Multi-Specialty Clinic in Makati City, where Dr. Joyce Ambray started her private practice. Two years later, she opened Elijah Dental Specialists to further expand her reach.

After few years, in 2007, with passion for excellence in the dental field, through incorporation of the practices of Dr. Joyce Ambray, partners and some associates, Tricosmedx in Trinoma was established.

With Tricosmedx, the clinic offers a wider range of general practice for dental treatments. As there is no substitute for expertise, our dentists have earned specialist qualifications in restorative dentistry, prosthodontics and endodontics. We have also shown a long-term commitment to dental care.
It also has expanded our market and was pleased and happy to provide our patients with excellent medical dermatological services too. Our team of experienced dermatologists hails from varying backgrounds and recognizes that there is no universal approach to quality health care, as every patient is unique. Each patient receives our expert advice and treatment, ensuring that full-spectrum skin health is achieved.

In practice for 15 years, Dr. Ambray has since then, taken bold strides into promoting awareness of dental-care amongst people and continuously enriching her expertise in dentistry. Now with a stronger market and boundless patient’s dental and dermatological needs, Dr. Joyce envisioned a better branding. She resultantly took over, and solely spearheaded the expansion and rebranding of Tricosmedx to DentaDerm.

In 2012, DentaDerm officially opens its doors.

Bigger, better and bolder. Providing the most advanced and extensive services, Dentaderm embraces the tagline – Skin, teeth and beyond.

Soon after, in 2016, Elijah Dental Specialists has also been renamed to DentaDerm Dental Specialists, as part of expanding the DentaDerm group of clinics.

Our Commitment to patient care is paramount. Furthermore in addition to outstanding technical skill, exceptional attention to details and experience – our team of dentists, dermatologists, surgeons, health professional and support staff have been chosen to approach customer satisfaction.
In Dentaderm, we want you to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.